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Meet our Principal

Ms Erica Gittens

With more than 10 years of dedicated experience in the education sector, I will continue to demonstrate how to create impactful educational involvement. 

I hold a Master’s degree in International Relations, a Master’s degree in Psychology, a Teaching Degree in the English Language, and a Postgraduate Degree in School Administration. I am also nutrition certified and an emotional intelligence coach. During this learning process, I developed a deep understanding of pedagogical theories and leadership practices.

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Dedicated Team


Colegio Alemán del Istmo has a great team that stands out as a beacon of excellence in education, primarily due to the exceptional skills and competencies that each member brings to the table.

Ms. Castillo
General Academic Coordination

Is responsible for ensuring that our curriculum meets educational international standards, coordinating with teachers and administrators to implement educational policies, and overseeing the overall academic progress of students, performance and high standard of daily achievements.
Ms. Kolbe
International German Coordinator

will build partnerships with organizations and universities to promote language learning opportunities, coordinating internships for students to apply their language skills in real-world settings, and facilitating future certifications to enhance students' language proficiency. Ms. Kolbe will evaluate and enhance the German language curriculum while aligning teaching methodologies, resources, and students’ assessments
Mr. Obyrne
German Language Ambassador

The German language Ambassador role is to work with all administrative and teachers to integrate the spirit of Colegio Alemán del Istmo into the German language curriculum and this involves aligning teaching methodologies, resources, and assessments with the educational philosophy and goals, ensuring that students receive a holistic and culturally rich language education.

Join Us

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