Recognizing values: 

Gabriela Victoria Dorcy Frías from 8th grade is our Student of the Month! 

In recognition of the human qualities we promote in our school community, the students of 8th grade at Colegio Alemán del Istmo came together to acknowledge their peer Gabriela Victoria as the Student of the Month. This act demonstrates the importance we place on respect, empathy, and solidarity, which are fundamental values that are part of our educational philosophy. Gabriela has stood out for her integrity and understanding, embodying Colegio Alemán’s commitment to the well-rounded development of its students. 

“She always does the homework and is very versatile” – Marta. 

“She helps her classmates a lot” – Fátima. 

“She is very responsible and a good classmate” – Ricardo. 

“She is friendly and awesome” – Carlos.  

“She gets good grades and is disciplined” – Nicolás.