Celebrating Children’s Day German Style: A Movie Day for all! 

In a delightful celebration of Children’s Day in Germany, all students at Colegio Alemán del Istmo simultaneously viewed the movie «Charlie and the Chocolate Factory» in its German version. This special activity, held as part of the school’s focus on strengthening the German language component within the Academics department, provided students with an entertaining opportunity to expand their German vocabulary while fostering a sense of community. To add to the festive atmosphere, each student received a chocolate brownie and a serving of popcorn, enhancing the movie-watching experience. 

The event not only reinforced the language skills of the students but also created a fun and immersive cultural experience. By sharing in the viewing of this beloved film and partaking in traditional movie snacks, students at Colegio Alemán del Istmo celebrated Children’s Day in a truly German style, fostering linguistic development and camaraderie among peers while enjoying a classic tale on the big screen. 

Academic Department