Host families

CADI is looking for host families to take in trainees from Germany.   For those who are interested, CADI is going to have two more female trainees who are going to stay for six months starting from October this year.  For more information, please contact …  German culture  Maria Laztke

English- Math Honors  

Our Math and English program is designed to advance our students comprehension and appreciation for learning — providing an edge throughout school. But the lifelong benefits can open a world of possibilities.  Some benefits are: a self-learning program that gives your child the critical thinking skills and mindset to learn new materials independently, a worksheet …

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Our new extracurricular activity – Fit Eagles- CADI Eagles Gym  

Why pick just one activity when you can choose one that incorporates several. Fit Eagles– CADI Eagles Gym is not only about sports, but also about developing soft skills such as dedication, perseverance, collaboration and camaraderie while building up hard skills and strengthening their bodies through playful activities, games and recreation. The kids will have …

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Our new extracurricular activity – Swimming  

A fantastic method to instill the value of living a healthy lifestyle in your children is to introduce them to swimming. Swimming gives kids the freedom to be naturally adventurous and enjoy themselves, by learning an essential survival skill. It also helps with strengthening the whole body, flexibility, improving coordination, balance and posture, not to …

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Our new extracurricular activity – Padel 

Padel (or padel tennis) is currently one of the sports with the fastest global growth.  A great combination of tennis and squash that incorporates competitiveness, fun, and social engagement. All players, regardless of age or skill level, may enjoy this game because it rewards strategy more than raw physical prowess. And good news… it’s here …

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