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Coclé Educational Visit

On Friday, September 29, our 7th, 8th, and 9th-grade students participated in an intensive instructional day in the Province of Coclé.

They were in the geographical center of the Republic of Panama, located in Penonome.  On this tour they  had the opportunity to witness its main streets and bustling commercial activities.

Later, the students went to the EOLIC PARK, where they met one of the engineers in charge of maintaining the generating towers, who described how they work and how much electricity they offer to the people while having a low environmental impact.

They traveled to the El Caño Archaeological Site (Natá) to learn about one of our country’s most advanced societies, which erected this necropolis that has been researched by scientists from all over the world.

They also went to the Café Durán facility, where they were greeted warmly by the company’s staff, who took them through the entire production process, from the arrival of the coffee bean to the various packaging presentations.

The last visit was to the Technological University’s Astronomical Observatory

The scientists who worked there gave them a little astronomy lesson and explained how they collaborated with NASA by observing the Panamanian sky.

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