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Evgeniya Raukh is a member of the UA Film Academy and Ukrainian Cinematographer’s Union. General producer of the Alta Brava film production company. Alta Brava works on creating of feature films, commercials, and music videos from idea to finished product: idea creation, budget formation, fundraising, pre- production, production, editing, post- production, promo, marketing strategy and distribution.

Her filmography references are RRR (2021), Storonniy (2020), Hutsulka kseny (2019), Mossad 101 (2018), Monatik “UVLIUVT” (2017), Lol: Rzhaka (2017), To Win it All (2016) and, Netherland Production Platform (2013).

Evgeniya is from Europe, and she is excited about teaching film production to our students, she will be teaching about the origin of cinema, scrip, filming, costume, make up and editing in the first season. The following classes will be about filming, where students will distribute the roles and start filming process. Also, a master class where they will visit a studio and a professionals will give them a tour and answer questions, and finally premiere and distribution where students will organize a premiere of the movie for parents and send the movie to the festival.

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