14. animals Pk3

Discovering the enchanting world of animals in PK3

In the lively classrooms of PK3, young explorers embarked on a captivating journey of discovery as they delved into the enchanting world of animals and their diverse habitats. With wide-eyed wonder and boundless curiosity, these budding naturalists embarked on an exploration of wild animals, aquatic creatures, farm animals, and beyond. Through engaging activities, storybooks, and hands-on experiences, students eagerly learned about the characteristics and behaviors of animals from various habitats, marveling at the majesty of lions prowling the savannah, the graceful movements of dolphins gliding through ocean depths, the gentle demeanor of cows grazing on lush farmland, and the exotic allure of creatures found in jungles and deserts. With each new discovery, these young learners not only expanded their knowledge of the animal kingdom but also developed a profound respect for the diversity of life on Earth. As they shared their newfound insights with classmates and teachers, the classroom buzzed with excitement, fostering a sense of appreciation for the natural world and the myriad creatures that call it home. Through their exploration, PK3 students embarked on a voyage of discovery that ignited their passion for learning and instilled a lifelong love of animals and nature.

Ms. Su

Academic Department