10. energy in food

Energy in our Food – a final project by 5th grade 

Through this project, students learned several key skills and concepts related to nutrition and critical thinking. Firstly, they gained an understanding of how to analyze nutrition facts labels found on food products, focusing on energy and sugar content. By recording data from these labels, students practiced mathematical skills by calculating total energy and sugar content for entire containers and dividing content into different serving sizes. This exercise not only honed their mathematical abilities but also encouraged visualizing portions using tools like rulers or measuring tape. Moreover, students enhanced their English writing skills by crafting persuasive paragraphs recommending a food product based on its nutrition facts, considering factors such as low sugar content, high energy value, or overall balanced nutritional content. By presenting their findings and recommendations to the class, students engaged in discussions about the nutritional value of foods and the importance of informed food choices. Ultimately, this project underscored the significance of reading nutrition labels, making healthy food choices, and understanding the broader impact of food decisions on overall health and well-being.

Mr. Glover

Academic Department