General Assembly of Parents:

Looking to the Future 

At the recent General Assembly of Parents and Guardians of Colegio Alemán del Istmo, the achievements during the school year 2023-2024 were presented, and the objectives for the next school year 2024-2025 were outlined.  

The school directors had the honor of presenting the beginning of cooperation with Cognia, a prestigious US entity whose comprehensive accreditation process and certification services have already provided us with valuable insights and guidance to improve our educational practices continuously.  

This event reflected the school’s international focus on providing an outstanding education and preparing its students for future challenges. The attendees also discussed future goals, highlighting the importance of collaboration between the educational institution, parents, and the new external partner, Cognia, to ensure quality educational development and sustainability. 

During the assembly, held at Club Unión, the commitment to educational excellence was highlighted, and the achievements of the past academic year were shared. It was a propitious occasion for parents and stakeholders to meet and spend a joyful evening. 

Administrative Department