Mesa de trabajo 13

Goodbye PaulĀ 

Our German trainee Paul will be leaving CADI next month after staying nearly a year in Panama. He came to this country as part of the AFS, an international non-profit organization, which carries out intercultural programs for young people who spend an orientation year abroad after graduating high school.  

His original plan was to stay for only 6 months, but fascinated by the culture, nature and people of Panama he decided to extend his stay. After spending more than six months in the province, he then arrived in the capital about four months ago. 

During his stay at CADI he received the opportunity to teach and gain valuable experiences that may influence him to pursue a career as a teacher after going back to Germany. He would like to express his thanks to the students and teachers for the friendly reception and that he could be part of the classroom. 

All in all, he is very grateful for this experience and can imagine coming back to CADI as a teacher one day.

We wish him all the best for his future!

Maria Latzke

German Culture