Mesa de trabajo 5

Green Library 

As we embark on a new academic journey, we want to ensure that CADI is a space where the environment is respected. With our Empowering Eagles program, we will be teaching our students prudence in printing, the importance of reusing materials, and the ability to be agents of change with social responsibility in our community.

As responsible citizens, we have initiated an internal campaign for literature books called «Green Library» or «Biblioteca Verde.» Each non-practical reading book will have this emblem to ensure that students are aware of its value and have a sense of responsibility for the environment.

Green libraries often engage with the community to promote environmental awareness through events, workshops, and sustainability-related programs. Over time, green libraries achieve international certification.

We hope that through this campaign, our students will take care of the reading books, especially literature books. This includes avoiding any markings so that they can be reused and remain in good condition.

Each book will bear a sticker that says «Green Library.» If the student wishes, they can donate it to the library of Colegio Alemán del Istmo or to any place they believe it can be better utilized. The essential goal is to raise awareness and provide others with access to this valuable resource.

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