9. altas capacidades(2)

International Day of High Abilities or Gifted Talents (Altas Capacidades)

It is with great joy that we want to share with you the wonderful moments we experienced during the celebration of the International Day of High Abilities or Gifted Talents on March 14th. It was a day full of learning, reflection and celebration of all the exceptional potential that resides in our brilliant minds.

We feel honored to have had the participation of outstanding personalities in the field of high abilities, including Sasha La├▒on and Alejandro Carrasquilla experts in High Abilities or Gifted Talents in MEDUCA who shared valuable information and knowledge with our educational community.

In addition, the presence of Alejandra Loayza, Neurocoach and director of AAlcatep: High Capacities and exceptional talents, enriched our understanding of this fascinating topic. Their contributions helped us better understand the challenges and opportunities that accompany high capabilities.

During this event, we united in a symbolic gesture by wearing the color yellow, representing the creativity and intelligence that flourishes in our school. It was an inspiring day that reminded us of the importance of supporting and nurturing the potential of each of our students.

We thank all the parents and community members who joined this celebration and contributed to making this day a success. Their enthusiasm and participation were instrumental in creating an environment of learning and celebration.

We remain committed to our goal of promoting the well-being and comprehensive development of our students, and we hope to continue sharing enriching experiences like this in the future.

Academic Department