Judge at the regional Robotics Olympics in Panama

As a judge at the regional robotics Olympics in Panama, my experience was rewarding and

enlightening. I participated in six out of the sixteen events held, I had the privilege of witnessing the innovative projects and creative problem-solving skills of young minds in the fields of technology and science. The opportunity to engage with fellow colleagues and experts in the technology and science domains was truly invaluable. It provided a platform to exchange ideas, share best practices, and discuss the latest advancements in the field. Collaborating with like-minded professionals sparked inspiring conversations that enriched my understanding of robotics and its real-world applications.

What made this experience even more fulfilling was my dual role as the coach of Team 2Ocean by CADI, comprising talented representatives from the 9th grade. Those who worked hard since the beginning of the third trimester and invested their vacation time to represent the school and leave its name high.

Guiding and supporting these young and enthusiastic students throughout their preparation and competition journey was a gratifying experience. Witnessing their growth, dedication, and teamwork filled me with pride and reaffirmed my belief in the potential of our future generations.

In summary, my time as a judge at the regional WRO in Panama was an enriching experience that not only allowed me to witness cutting-edge innovations but also provided an excellent platform to network with peers and inspire young minds as a coach. The blend of these two roles made the event truly memorable and reaffirmed my commitment to promoting technological advancements and nurturing the next generation of innovators.

Violena Silvera 

Robotics Teacher