15. Innova(1)

Learning experience by Innova

During the Academic Tour focused on composting, students actively engaged with the subject matter, embracing the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of environmental sustainability. Through interactive sessions and hands-on activities, they not only comprehended the concept of composting but also grasped its profound significance in mitigating environmental degradation. Students eagerly identified the manifold benefits of composting, from its role in waste reduction to its capacity for enhancing soil health. As they delved deeper, they uncovered the ripple effects of composting on the environment, including its contribution to curbing greenhouse gas emissions and preserving precious natural resources. Guided by the learning objectives of the talk, students absorbed essential guidelines for initiating composting practices at home, gaining practical insights into selecting compostable materials and maintaining optimal compost conditions. Moreover, the tour catalyzed the nurturing of a broader environmental consciousness among students, igniting within them a personal commitment to embracing composting as a tangible means of caring for the planet.

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