Matific: our pilot plan to optimize mathematics at CADI

Keen to make all learning meaningful, applied maths is an important element of CADI’s curriculum so we are pleased to announce that we are launching Matific, a maths platform that brings maths to life.

Some students (and even adults if we’re being honest) see mathematics as an alien discipline… something disconnected from their lives. Students sometimes ask, “yes, but when will I ever need to use this later in life?” Teachers always explain that maths develops other skills such as critical thought and problem solving. Maths isn’t just about numbers. It’s about being able to solve real-life problems. But when the child stars blankly at a textbook full of equations, “real-life problems” aren’t even crossing their mind. This is the difference between what educators call “Pure Math” and “Applied Math”. Pure maths is equations. Applied maths is, as its name suggests, a way of applying maths equations to real life. Both are important, of course, and CADI is piloting Matific.

Matific is multilevel, allowing each student to work at their own pace and not feel overwhelmed nor bored. It has a student’s app, parent’s app and educator’s app so students can apply maths to real-life situations. 31% of students using Matifics in India became more interested in maths. 89% of students in the USA showed more engagement in their maths classes when they used Matifics, and in Sydney students’ grades improved by 34% after using Matifics.

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