Ms Gittens

Meet the Principal Ms. Erica Gittens

I am an innovative leader with great passion for fostering tailored learning environments that will ignite the student’s creativity to achieve and accomplish their potential and goals.

As Academic Director of Colegio Aleman del Istmo, I will bring my vast experience and strong commitment to education and nurture a forward-thinking approach to shape the future mission and vision of this international school.

With more than 10 years of dedicated experience in the education sector, I will continue to demonstrate how to create impactful educational involvement. 

I hold a Master’s degree in International Relations, a Master’s degree in Psychology, a Teaching Degree in the English Language, and a Postgraduate Degree in School Administration. I am also nutrition certified and an emotional intelligence coach. During this learning process, I developed a deep understanding of pedagogical theories and leadership practices.

Throughout my personal growth, I have managed to introduce curriculum enhancements and prioritize critical thinking, collaboration, and a wellness approach to expand the student’s development.

I firmly believe that the classroom is just a starting point and that the learning process goes beyond the walls. I have emphasized extracurricular activities, lessons, community engagement, and character building for the teachers that are part of the departments and coordination’s.

As part of my main role, I will inspire faculty, staff, and students alike to embrace change and seize opportunities for growth. I will establish a hub of creativity, curiosity, and academic excellence. Having a strong sense of collaborative leadership, I will help cultivate a culture of open doors and positive communication with continuous improvement. Mainly ensuring the school’s name remains at the forefront of educational innovation.

It is my true commitment to be a leader of the next generation of learners and critical thinkers, with strategic, vision, and passion. 


Best regards, 

Ms. Gittens

Academic department