Oktoberfest celebration at CADI 

Thanks to the wonderful work of our APF, CADI was able to celebrate Oktoberfest again this year – our biggest and most distinct German festival at our school. On October 21st, familys, teachers and administration staff spent a day with music, dance and games. Of course, German delicacies like „Bratwurst“ and „Brezeln“ as well as traditional clothes like „Dirndl“ and „Lederhosen“ couldn`t be missed either. From big to small, there was something for everyone. 

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this big family celebration for bringing a piece of German (or especially Bavarian) flair to Panama.

Through activities like these, CADI hopefully has come one step closer to providing a platform for cultural exchange between Germans and other nationalities in this area. 

Maria Latzke

German Culture

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