Our biology, chemistry, physics, and science lab equipment and materials have arrived!

This week, our students enjoyed their first lab practice.

Young people get a lot out of practical hours in the lab. Not only does lab time support theory, but it also ignites curiosity and develops critical thought, reasoning, objectivity and open-mindedness. Students problem solve and learn about how our daily lives work.

Our teaching model stands out for its applied and interdisciplinary approach, so experiments are absolutely a must. We have bought bioreactors and fermenters, microscopes, centrifuges, shakers and mixers, pipettes, thermal cyclers, photometers, timers, sequencing instruments, extraction hoods, balances, dynamometers, polymer consumables for small volumes, and a whole lot more.

Bit don’t worry. We haven’t forgotten the little ones… there are also microscopes, digestive system aprons, a National Geographics experiment kits to round.