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Outstanding overachiever 

CADI is delighted to celebrate and commend the following students for their outstanding academic performance. We take great pleasure in recognizing these individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and excellence in their academic pursuits. Their achievements reflect not only their commitment but also contribute to the overall success and prestige of our academic community. Congratulations to these students for their remarkable accomplishments, and we look forward to witnessing their continued success in the future. ​

CADI is thrilled to exalt the exemplary academic performance of the following students:

Aimar Framhein – 1st grade

Andrea Sanchez – 2nd grade 

Luis Eduardo Quijano – 3rd grade ​

Lucas Angulo – 4th grade 

Juan Pablo Rolando – 5th grade

Juan Diego de la Peña – 6th grade

Kirial Thays Marie Vásquez – 7th grade 

Lucia Ehlich – 8th grade 

Natalia Lia Jaén – 9th grade 

These individuals have consistently demonstrated outstanding dedication and achievement in their academic pursuits, making them shining examples within our academic community. Congratulations to each of them for their well-deserved recognition, and we applaud their commitment to excellence.

Academics department