Science in Action

Children are curious by nature. Science fuels that curiosity and provides them with valuable learning. Through it, children make observations, gather information, ask questions, and use logical thinking to reach a conclusion. Science allows critical, creative, and autonomous thinking from early childhood.

In an era in which information abounds, the need to manage it arises and from preschool, we can equip students with cognitive strategies. In our classroom, a culture of thought is developed through Thought Routines, which are strategies and methodological sequences to strengthen the stages of understanding, allowing our learners to work in a more dynamic and organized way, both as a group and individually.

Guiding instead of teaching

The teacher is a guide who works to monitor the student. However, the relationship between the pupil and the teacher is not vertical, but horizontal. Knowledge is transmitted both from teacher to pupil and from pupil to teacher. Likewise, students can learn from each other by making the classroom a place for sharing.

Preschool department