Students from 9th grade have recognized the efforts and dedication of a classmate. There are some reasons why they believe this student deserves to be chosen as the student of the month. 

  • Academic Performance: Describe how the student has demonstrated excellence, effort, and dedication in their studies.
  • Behavior and Attitude: Comment on the students’ positive attitude, kindness, and how they improve the classroom.
  • ⁠Participation and Collaboration: Mention how the student participates in class and extracurricular activities, and their willingness to help others.
  • ⁠Creativity and Innovation: Explain if the student has shown creativity in projects, assignments, or in solving problems.
  • Responsibility and Punctuality: Highlight the student’s responsibility in completing their tasks and punctuality.

Students of the Month Description:

She is an excellent student and friend. She always participates in class and helps everyone around her. Natalia is responsible and extremely punctual, also her attitude is always the best. 

She has often helped me study topics I did not understand with a lot of patience. 

Nominated By Eva Sclabi 

I choose Natalia because she is a perfect student, and she always helps anyone if they need it. Sometimes when I don’t understand classes, she helps me.  If I miss a day at school, she always tells me what I missed during that day. 

Nominated By Alessa 

Natalia is super punctual and helps her classmates. She helps me is a quiz of chemistry and helps me always when I need it. 

Nominated By Juan David Rodriguez.