Tasting of Panamanian-Style Food

It is well known that the homeland is not only the land where we were born or the one that has embraced us. Homeland also encompasses the people, traditions, folklore, and among other aspects of gastronomy.

On Thursday, November 23rd, in the context of patriotic commemorations, the sixth grade tasted a little bit of  Panamanian food! Students Bruno Sierra, Aritz Mugica, and Juan Diego De La Peña prepared a delicious Panamanian-style chicken tortilla sandwich, which their classmates. Students enjoyed with great satisfaction this beautiful experience of preparing food together. 

You can find the recipe at the following link https://www.alamesa.pa/receta/emparedado-de-tortilla-con-pollo-al-estilo-panameno/. Surely, you will be licking your fingers!

Tarahy Tinoco 

Academic Department