Teachers at Colegio Alemán del Istmo engage in professional development activities 

During the beginning of the vacation period, teachers at Colegio Alemán del Istmo participate in training activities that reinforce key aspects of their professional development. They are prioritizing the update and familiarization with the certification standards of the US-based firm Cognia, whose emphasis on the educational assessment of institutions aims of ensuring and enhancing the quality of educational processes in our institution. 

These training sessions not only seek to strengthen the education provided but also to foster a continuous commitment to academic excellence. The focus on internationally recognized standards promotes a culture of constant improvement, reflecting the school’s commitment to educational excellence and the professional growth of its teaching staff. 

While some of our teachers will be supporting our local summer camp in alternating cycles, we thank all of them for their commitment during the 2023-2024 school year and wish them a happy and well-deserved mid-year break in the company of their loved ones.