This is how the German school system works.

Why is school compulsory? CADI explains the special features of the German school system.

In Germany, parents and guardians are not allowed to homeschool their children , and children usually start school at the age of six. They attend school for at least nine years.

How is the school system structured in Germany?

First, children attend primary school for four years. The fourth grade decides how they continue their educational path, and the students are put into different types of high school based on their academic performance. The system of secondary schools is divided into “Hauptschulen” (Lower Secondary Education), “Realschulen” (Intermediate Secondary Education), “Gymnasium” (Higher Secondary Education) and “Gesamtschulen” (comprehensive schools).

The “Hauptschule” ends after the 9th grade and students get a well-deserved Hauptschule certificate. The “Realschule” finishes after the 10th grade with the Realschule certificate. After this, the young adults can start vocational training or continue school. The “Gymnasium” finishes after the 12th or 13th grade with the “Abitur”- This entitles you to study at a university.

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