Tradition of School Cones in Germany

School cones are a common tradition in Germany. They are for the first day of school and only for the new first graders. On the first day of school, the children get their school cone from their parents. Usually, the cones are filled with some candy, school materials like pencils, and small toys.

This tradition symbolizes the transition from kindergarten to school. For the children and families, it is a very special and exciting day, which is celebrated with songs, poems, and, of course, the school cones.

This tradition started in the 19th century when kids received a little «sugar cone» for the first day of school. These sugar cones had the typical cone form that is used for school cones today. It is not known specifically in which part of Germany this tradition started, but it became very popular very quickly. 

There is a note from a German teacher from 1836 that says: «The children used to be told that a school cone tree grew in the teacher’s house, and when the school cones were big enough, it would be time for school to start.»

Today, this tradition is very popular in Germany, Austria, and even the Czech Republic.

We wanted to bring this tradition to CADI to introduce the German culture to the kids and their parents in the first grade on their first day in school.

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