Mesa de trabajo 8

Value of the month

This month, we encourage students to actively engage with and express the concept of responsibility in various aspects of their lives. Responsibility encompasses accountability, reliability, and taking ownership of one’s actions.​

Students can express this concept by:​

Classroom Commitment: Taking responsibility for their learning.​

Respectful Behavior: Demonstrating responsibility by treating classmates, teachers, and staff with respect. ​

Personal Organization: Encouraging students to manage their time effectively, keep track of deadlines, and organize their study materials. ​

Community Involvement: Inspiring students to take responsibility for their community by participating in school events, volunteering, and contributing positively to the school environment.​

Environmental Awareness: Promoting responsibility towards the environment by encouraging eco-friendly practices,​

Social Responsibility: Emphasizing the importance of being socially responsible citizens by promoting kindness, empathy, and understanding towards others in the school community and beyond.

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