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Exploring Classic Works Across Grades 6-9 in English Classes

To foster a deeper understanding of literature and its relevance to our lives, students from 6th to 9th grade in our English classes are diving into a diverse selection of timeless novels. This literary exploration not only enriches their vocabulary but also encourages critical thinking as they draw parallels between the narratives and the world around them.​

6th Grade: «Gulliver’s Travels» by Jonathan Swift’s​

This classic tale takes them on a journey through imaginative lands, sparking their creativity while challenging them to reflect on how the themes within the story resonate with the complexities of our society.​

7th Grade: «Alice in Wonderland» by Lewis Carroll​

Seventh graders are tumbling down the rabbit hole with Lewis Carroll’s «Alice in Wonderland.» This whimsical tale not only introduces them to a world of absurdity but also prompts them to question norms and expectations. As they navigate Wonderland alongside Alice, students are encouraged to examine the eccentricities of our reality.​

8th Grade: «The Giver» by Lois Lowry​

Eighth-grade students are looking into Lois Lowry’s thought-provoking dystopian novel, «The Giver.» This exploration invites them to contemplate the consequences of conformity and the importance of individuality in our society. Through discussions and assignments, students are connecting the dots between the fictional world of «The Giver» and our own shared experiences.

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