The new German Ambassador in Panama visited CADI 

German Ambassador visited Colegio Alemán Del Istmo. The visit, last Friday, November 24th, provided a unique and enriching experience for our school community. The event allowed our students, staff, and esteemed guests to greet and interact with the Ambassador and his wife in a convivial atmosphere.  Our students presented a captivating showcase of performances, presentations, …

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Folkloric Day at CADI 

It is a pleasure to invite you to a very special event: Folkloric Day at CADI, in commemoration of the month of national holidays. On this day, we will come together to celebrate our rich cultural traditions where we will enjoy the diversity of our beautiful homeland. Let’s Celebrate Our Roots on Folkloric Day at CADI! …

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Celebrating Panama’s rich Heritage- November’s National Holidays

November is a month of great significance and celebration in Panama. It’s a time when the nation comes together to honor its history, culture, and identity through a series of national holidays. These holidays not only serve as a reminder of our proud heritage but also bring people from all walks of life closer, uniting …

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Angel in a Tennis ranking competition.

Angel Rodriguez from 9th grade represented Colegio Alemán Del Istmo in a tennis raking competition on October 15th. Angel showed a very good performance in his category U16, and the Panamanian Federation of Tennis gave him recognition as a player with greater evolution. “I felt focused and determined during this tournament, and I’m preparing for …

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MEMBER OF THE SWISS-PANAMANIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE  We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the journey of Colegio Alemán del Istmo. In an effort to extend our global horizons and enhance the educational experience of our students, we are delighted to share that we have become a proud member of the Swiss-Panamanian Chamber of Commerce.   At CADI, …

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We had an amazing time exploring, learning, and having fun at CADI Summer Camp! The children could meet new friends because we opened our doors to new students, some of whom are now part of CADI’s family. We are thrilled to welcome you! Our kids had the opportunity to participate in exciting and inspiring educational …

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It´s time to explore and have fun!

CADI- Summer camp is finally here. We are excited about what´s coming up. It’s going to be four weeks packed full of knowledge and wonderful experiences that include: • Exciting and inspiring educational visits• Academic reinforcement[SR1] • Sports days• Science projects• Arts and music collaborations CADI SUMMER CAMP – July 2023 is here!    C       –           CREATIVE week    A       –           ADVENTURE week …

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Sortis Spa- benefits

CADI has teamed up with Sortis Spa so parents, teachers and admin staff can enjoy exclusive discounts such as 20% off pa services and even 20% off annual membership. Just so you know… CADI identification will be necessary to redeem these benefits. ‌ Administrative department Academic

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