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Celebrating Panama’s rich Heritage- November’s National Holidays

November is a month of great significance and celebration in Panama. It’s a time when the nation comes together to honor its history, culture, and identity through a series of national holidays. These holidays not only serve as a reminder of our proud heritage but also bring people from all walks of life closer, uniting them in a common spirit of patriotism. 

Panama ‘s Independence Day from Colombia

Patriotic Symbols Day –  November 4th

Colón Day (Día de Colón) – November 5th 

Primer Grito de Independencia – November 10th

Panama’s Independence Day from Spain – November 28th

As we celebrate these national holidays, we are reminded of the importance of unity and the preservation of our cultural heritage. It is a time for Panamanians to come together, learn from our history, and look forward to a brighter future. These holidays not only serve as an opportunity to enjoy festivities but also to reflect on the values that bind us as a nation. Let’s embrace the spirit of patriotism and take pride in our rich Panamanian heritage.

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