11 learning vila


Students from 2nd, 3rd and 4th delved into a comprehensive array of learning objectives designed to broaden our understanding of cutting-edge technologies. Our journey started with an exploration of robotics fundamentals, where we dissected their components and functions, and ventured into the diverse applications across various fields. Hands-on engagement was paramount as we delved into programming simple robots to execute tasks, fostering practical skills and comprehension. Our exploration extended to the realm of video game design and development, where we unraveled the principles underpinning this dynamic domain. Through interactive sessions, we partook in crafting and modifying video game elements, delving into the immersive world of virtual reality and unraveling its diverse industrial applications.

Moreover, we delved into the revolutionary concept of 3D printing, scrutinizing its significance in modern manufacturing. Witnessing 3D printers in action, we grasped the intricacies of object creation, fostering a profound appreciation for this transformative technology. 

As we navigated through these immersive experiences, we also reflected on the societal implications and the future trajectory of emerging technologies. Together, we contemplated the profound impact these advancements hold for society and the evolving landscape of work. 

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