English- Math Honors

Our Math and English program are designed to advance our students comprehension and appreciation for learning — providing an edge throughout school. But the lifelong benefits can open a world of possibilities.  Some benefits are a self-learning program that gives your child the critical thinking skills and mindset to learn new materials independently, a worksheet approach to […]

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Our new extracurricular activity – Fit Eagles- CADI Eagles Gym

Why pick just one activity when you can choose one that incorporates several. Fit Eagles– CADI Eagles Gym is not only about sports, but also about developing soft skills such as dedication, perseverance, collaboration, and camaraderie while building up hard skills and strengthening their bodies through playful activities, games, and recreation. The kids will have

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Our new extracurricular activity – Swimming

A fantastic method to instill the value of living a healthy lifestyle in your children is to introduce them to swimming. Swimming gives kids the freedom to be naturally adventurous and enjoy themselves, by learning an essential survival skill. It also helps with strengthening the whole body, flexibility, improving coordination, balance and posture, not to

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Mission B1 campaign 

The «Mission B1» campaign is part of the Empowering Eagles program. «Mission B1» is an internal campaign for the advancement and leveling of the German and English languages to ensure that our students reach an intermediate level that allows them to pass international exams such as the TOEFL or DSD I. This campaign aligns with

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Green Library 

As we embark on a new academic journey, we want to ensure that CADI is a space where the environment is respected. With our Empowering Eagles program, we will be teaching our students prudence in printing, the importance of reusing materials, and the ability to be agents of change with social responsibility in our community.

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Our Tennis Winner – Angel Rodriguez 

CADI is overjoyed to celebrate the remarkable achievement of our student, Angel Rodriguez. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Angel for his triumph in a recent tennis competition, emerging as the victorious champion. Angel’s dedication, skill, and sportsmanship have not only brought pride to himself but have also added a shining accomplishment to the CADI

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Franco-German Friendship Day

It is celebrated on January 22nd to commemorate the Élysée Treaty signed in 1963. This treaty marked the reconciliation between Germany and France after World War II, promoting cooperation in areas such as education, culture, and defense. The date symbolizes the ongoing commitment of both nations to friendship and the construction of a united Europe.

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Traffic lights Arduino 

In a compelling blend of technology and creativity, 8th-grade students embarked on a project to construct a functional traffic light using Arduino. The project involved delving into circuitry, programming, and collaborative problem-solving. The result was a fully functional Arduino-powered traffic light, complete with additional features conceived by the students. The endeavor not only enriched their

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Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Mixtures 

In the demonstrative laboratory on homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures, students engaged in hands-on observation of different types of mixtures. They explored the interaction of substances to identify those forming homogeneous mixtures, where components are evenly distributed, and heterogeneous mixtures, characterized by a non-uniform distribution. Furthermore, students witnessed the phenomenon of diffusion by observing the dispersion of

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