10. German writting


Through carefully chosen words and expressive phrases, Emiliano captured the essence of his little brother, from the mischievous twinkle in his brother’s eye to the warmth of their shared laughter. With each stroke of the pen, he brought his brother to life on the page, creating a literary masterpiece that resonated with authenticity and love. As he proudly shared his creation with classmates and teachers alike, he not only showcased his linguistic prowess but also celebrated the profound connection that binds siblings together.

“Hallo! Ich möchte meinen Bruder vorstellen. 

Er ist Rafael Vasquez, er ist ein Schüler. Er hat einen Bruder, ich bin sein Bruder. Rafaels Sternzeichnen ist Fische und sein Hobby ist spielen. Seine Lieblingsfarbe ist blau. Danke fürs Lesen“. 

Emiliano, Klasse 4.

Academic Department