6. Coclesitooooo

Outdoors- Discovery learning at Coclecito:

On February 22nd and 23rd, pre-media students participated in the first interdisciplinary educational camp in Coclesito.

The youth had the opportunity to experience their learning journey, interacting with nature and the local inhabitants: they developed a research guide, documented the history and oral traditions of the residents, learned about the management of a self-sustaining farm, explored different types of nutrition in farm species, and enriched their vocabulary.

Understanding sustainable practices exploring and observing sustainable farming practices, emphasizing the use of technology and robotics in modern agriculture and discovering the integration of robotics in agriculture.These objectives aim to blend practical experiences with theoretical knowledge, fostering a holistic understanding of the intersection between technology, robotics, and sustainable agriculture. In addition to academic activities, students strengthened friendships and teamwork outside their usual environment, explored new interests, and developed autonomy during their field experiences, memories that will endure in their minds and enrich them as individuals.

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