7. tornillo


Under the guidance of their teachers, PK3 students were invited to brainstorm ideas for hands-on STEAM activities that aligned with their interests and abilities. Whether it’s building with blocks, creating art with recycled materials, or experimenting with water and sand, students are empowered to explore the world around them through a lens of inquiry and discovery.

Throughout the week, students engage in constructing a miniature replica of the iconic screw-shaped tower located in Panama City, with recycling materials, guided by their teacher, these young builders engaged in a hands-on learning experience that combined elements of creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork, this activity was developed for STEAM week at Colegio Alemán Del Istmo. 

Through this hands-on activity, the PK3 students not only gained a deeper understanding of basic architectural principles but also developed important skills such as spatial awareness, fine motor skills, and creative expression. Ultimately, their experience highlighted the power of experiential learning in sparking curiosity and fostering a love for exploration and discovery at an early age.

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