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Academic Tour Report: WRO 2023 Participation 


The participation of ninth-grade students, Lucas Ortega-Vieto, Camila Sierra, and Natalia Jaén, as guest presenters at the WRO 2023 held on November 7th, 8th, and 9th at the Panama Convention Center marked a significant milestone in our academic journey. The event provided a platform for students to showcase their talents and innovations in the field of robotics.   

Preparation (initiated in March 2022 with the 2Ocean Project): 

The journey commenced in March 2022, where the trio dedicated their vacation time to the 2Ocean project. This early initiation allowed them to delve deep into technological and robotic concepts, laying the groundwork for their subsequent success at the WRO 2023. 


The conduct exhibited by Lucas, Camila, and Natalia during the event was exemplary. Their professionalism, enthusiasm, and dedication reflected positively on our school. Their ability to effectively communicate their ideas and innovations showcased not only their technical proficiency but also their leadership qualities. 

Academic Proficiency: 

The students demonstrated a high level of academic proficiency, integrating theoretical knowledge with practical applications in robotics. Their grasp of computer science concepts and their ability to apply them in a competitive environment were commendable. 

Transdisciplinary Project Implementation: 

WRO 2023 provided a platform for our students to implement transdisciplinary projects. The integration of various disciplines, including science, technology, and robotics, highlighted the importance of a holistic approach to solving real-world challenges. 


The impact of our students’ participation in WRO 2023 goes beyond the competition itself. It has inspired other students and showcased the excellence of our robotics and STEAM program. The experience gained will undoubtedly contribute to their future academic and professional endeavors. 

  Future Outlook: 

Looking ahead, the announcement that the next competition will be held in Türkiye presents a fabulous opportunity for early preparation. It is imperative that we begin gearing up for the challenges and opportunities that the next edition will bring. Planning and preparation should commence promptly to ensure our students are well-prepared to represent our school and country effectively.   

In conclusion, the participation of Lucas, Camila, and Natalia in the WRO 2023 was a testament to their dedication, academic prowess, and the effectiveness of our robotics program. The experience gained will undoubtedly shape their future endeavors, and we look forward to continued success in upcoming competitions. 

Teacher Violena 

Academic department