CADI soccer team

Our CADI soccer team had been chosen…! Big welcome to: SUB 10- Marc Stoute Alexis Martínez Luis Quijano Dominick Jarrin Yurem De Freitas Jean Boyce Liam Böttcher Yago Alvarez Santiago Bernal Mateo Ho Brandon Medina Matías Rohner SUB 12- Demao Liu Santiago Barcia Agustin Canales Ivo Freile Lucas Gen Juan De La Peña Raúl Machado …

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German culture

We’ve got lots planned to boost our German culture… The AFS are going sending some German practitioners to CADI, we’re setting up pen pals for the kids, we’ve got a German exchange programme in the pipeline and in August we hope to employ more German teachers. All this and the icing on the cake is… …

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Pre-school school trip

On Wednesday 8 February, Maternal, PPK and Kinder visited Parque Municipal Summit. The kids discovered different animals and where they live. They saw harpy eagles, monkeys, deer, alligators, frogs, and turtles, so as you can imagine, they were really excited. They probably slept well that night!

CADI Census

Students at CADI had the opportunity to do a census, 5th grade collected and presented CADI demographic information to classmates and teachers and then took the whole thing one step further… they gave us suggestions for improvements. Thanks 5th grade!

We welcome back Titus to CADI

Titus is from Germany and visited us in 2021 for a few weeks. He came back once more to visit his old CADI friends for two weeks. He spent quality time with us sharing his travel experience and creating new memories.

Intern from Germany

This month we welcomed “Magda” at our school. Originally from Regensburg (Bavaria), she is a fully trained teacher with a major in special education. Before entering the civil service in Germany she wanted to take a break and travel abroad to experience teaching in other countries. We are glad that she found her way to …

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The value of FRIENDSHIP

Children enjoyed a literature picnic, where the teachers told them stories about the value of friendship. They also made cards, cute heart-shaped necklaces, and drawings of their friends. They shared sweets, cookies, and chocolates to celebrate Friendship Day.

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