German Culture

German culture

We’ve got lots planned to boost our German culture… The AFS are going sending some German practitioners to CADI, we’re setting up pen pals for the kids, we’ve got a German exchange programme in the pipeline and in August we hope to employ more German teachers. All this and the icing on the cake is… …

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Intern from Germany

This month we welcomed “Magda” at our school. Originally from Regensburg (Bavaria), she is a fully trained teacher with a major in special education. Before entering the civil service in Germany she wanted to take a break and travel abroad to experience teaching in other countries. We are glad that she found her way to …

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German Culture

To promote “German- European culture” in our school, I´d kindly ask for everyone to make sure that the students locate their chairs like it is shown in the picture below at the end of each school day before they are heading out of class. In German schools the chairs are generally designed this way, so …

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