German Culture

Laterenfest Handcraft 

The teacher indicated that even though the parade did not take place, members of the APF participated in the distribution of the «Weckmänner» breads to keep the tradition alive. We thank them for being part of this. It should be noted that the “Laternenfest” parade not only involves the effort and dedication of the organizers …

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German reading competition – Vorlesewettbewerb 

On October 6th, a reading competition was held at CADI for the first time. In the morning of that day each class determined a winner, who then competed against each other in the early afternoon. Parents were also warmly invited to witness the finale of our competition. And here are our winners: 1st place: Lucia  Ehlich (8th grade) …

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Foreign languages in German schools

Which foreign languages are usually taught in German Schools and from what grade level? English is usually the first foreign language that students learn from fifth grade up. In seventh grade they take on another second language, normally French. I In the “Gymnasium” you can choose between Latin and French because obtaining the Latin proficiency …

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The German grading system

INFO-ECKE: German Culture – German school system Basically, there are two different grading systems in Germany. One consists of grades from one to six, with one being excellent and six being insufficient (Unlike Panama, with five being excellent). If the grade is lower than four, the student has not passed the exam. This system is …

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