Warm welcome Letter for studentsĀ 

Dear CADI Students: 

Welcome to the fun Field of Discovery Learning! I am happy to have a beautiful family of students that will take part in our vibrant learning environment. As you begin this exciting adventure of project-based and play-based knowledge development, I will like to encourage your sense of belonging and ownership of the process throughout your academic growth.

This year, CADI believes that learning is not just about a classroom lesson but about the joy of exploring. This is a space where questions are encouraged, curiosity is celebrated, and every challenge is an opportunity to grow. 

Our passionate staff of teachers are committed to trigger that inner curiosity and encourage the love of learning. Students will have the ability to interact with many ideas and perspectives that will broaden their horizons outside the classroom, from practical experiments to thought-provoking debates, from group projects to solitary study. 

Open-door policy ideas and suggestions are welcomed. 

I am thrilled to see all of you grow, make friends, and explore your passions to become a well-rounded international citizen.

Best regards, 

Ms. Gittens

Academic Director