Welcome Teachers – The New Engine Force

Dear CADI Teachers, The New Engine Force. As we explore together this academic year, bear in mind that you are more than just knowledge-transmitters; you are also Mentors, Role Models, and Guides. This school stands out because of your ability to excite curiosity, encourage critical thinking, and instill a love of learning.

For both you teachers and your students, may this academic year be one of collaboration, exploration, and progress. Your actions have a long-lasting impact on the world, influencing it to become more enlightened, caring, and progressive mindset. 

We appreciate your decision to join our academic family and being part of our New Engine Force. Your efforts are immense, and we anticipate a year full of shared successes, special occasions, and the satisfaction of witnessing the development of young minds under your direction.


Best regards, 

Academic department 

Ms. Gittens