Science in Action

Children are curious by nature. Science fuels that curiosity and provides them with valuable learning. Through it, children make observations, gather information, ask questions, and use logical thinking to reach a conclusion. Science allows critical, creative, and autonomous thinking from early childhood. In an era in which information abounds, the need to manage it arises …

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Motor Circuits

Movement games are great for children’s development. Through psychomotricity activities, children have fun, develop gross motor skills, and mental skills such as concentration, language, and awareness. And what better activity than an obstacle course! They’re great for dynamic coordination and mental agility. Preschool department

Having Fun Cooking

Children love cooking no matter their age. And by cooking, they learn about different types of food, the importance of a healthy diet, and how great things taste! Cooking’s also tactile and visual, making it a real sense stimulator. It enhances important skills such as logical thinking, creativity, fine motor skills, and cooperation. Preschool department

International earth day

The annual celebration of Earth Day recognizes the accomplishments of the environmental movement and promotes the importance of preserving the planet’s natural resources for coming generations. In the United States, Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April. The preschool section enjoyed a Plant’s Daily Care workshop by a gardening specialist. Preschool teachers took the initiative …

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Preschool- Adventures

Students from Pre-kinder and Kinder visited Parque Natural Metropolitano on 25th April, this adventure allowed kids to interact with animals and vegetation species diversity along different trails. Also, they learn about the importance of nature as part of our city and how our protected parks are important. Preschool department Academic department

Pre-school school trip

On Wednesday 8 February, Maternal, PPK and Kinder visited Parque Municipal Summit. The kids discovered different animals and where they live. They saw harpy eagles, monkeys, deer, alligators, frogs, and turtles, so as you can imagine, they were really excited. They probably slept well that night!

The value of FRIENDSHIP

Children enjoyed a literature picnic, where the teachers told them stories about the value of friendship. They also made cards, cute heart-shaped necklaces, and drawings of their friends. They shared sweets, cookies, and chocolates to celebrate Friendship Day.

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